Monday, 3 February 2014

2014 and beyond

2013 was a pretty successful year, I managed to build quite a few smaller games in Undercolor Agents, Steven Seagal: Hard to SWAT, Fistful of Gun and Happy Little Murder Friends while working on my bigger project, Under the Ocean.  I am now officially doing this whole -making games thing- as a serious job so 2014 will be the year that I reign in my focus a little for the foreseeable future.

So what can you expect from me in 2014?  In short, two really great couch co-op games (though internet will be available for Under the Ocean also!)  The first on the list is the Under the Ocean rebuild...

So as priority, Mike and I have been rebuilding Under the Ocean for the last few months, to be much more refined and focused, adding much needed features and a lot of changes that will hopefully transform the game ( details here: ), and once that is sorted and back into the groove of regular updates/development, I will then put the final touches on a game that is long overdue for release...

Fistful of Gun: for a Few Gun More, the followup to my freeware game Fistful of Gun,  will be the next title to drop, though it has been in a state of completed for some time, a few finishing touches and play testing is all that really stands in the way of getting this title finished.   It will include 8 new playable characters, bringing the grand total to 11 uniquely controllable characters , each with there own unique weapons and abilities, a fully fledged story mode with missions and bosses and such, and a versus mode, in addition to loads of polish, piles of new enemies and arenas and all sorts of stuff that will take you straight back to the old west, including a full audio score by Surasshu.


  1. Undercolor agents & Fistful of Gun were splendid and Awesome ... Co-op was a blast with my cousins :) ... 3 player with 3 devices (FOG) was incredibly Cool ....Looking forward to more games like this (not literally but you know :))............

  2. Replies
    1. Fistful will probably be 5 bucks, around there anyway. Hopefully can land it on steam in a few months.

  3. when will fistful be out? I've loved this game and i can't wait for it to come to fruition. 11 PLAYERS!!! SWEET!!!

  4. You made UtG and Edmund? Those games are awesome! *thumbs up*

    And fuck those immature cunts who want to ban Edmund, they obviously don't get the whole videogames as art thing.