Tuesday, 27 August 2013

5 hostages, 10 seconds, one man. Steven Seagal is Hard to SWAT.

I made this in 48 hours for the LudumDare 27, hope you guys like it. The game is called "Steven Seagal : Hard to SWAT",  Here is a trailer.

You can check out the competition build  Here!  Or play the latest build below:


  1. Thanks for all the great games Paul. I hadn't been back in a while. So I didn't realize you were working on Under The Ocean.

    I was interested in that game but was going to wait for the final release to decide, but I direct so many people to Fistful of Gun, and enjoy your games enough that I dove in early after all.

    Good luck and thanks again for all the games.



  2. Saw this on gamejolt, absolutely great!

    the only thing wrong from this game is Steven Seagal can be killed.
    the only person can kill Steven Seagal is himself.
    also the enemy is stuck in the wall most of the time, but that kinda an advantage for players lol.

    Great games you have there paul! bump into you once and i think can't get enough of it ;)

  3. Paul, I really wanted to see how you implemented the game to learn from it, could you please put the source code back up for it?

  4. Thank you from We Love Bundles!