Monday, 29 April 2013

Undercolor Agents

Well, what a crazy 48 hours of makin games, so this is what I made on the weekend for the Ludum Dare 26 competition, it's called Undercolor Agents.  It is a arena based multiplayer shooter, enjoy and don't forget to vote if you liked (or disliked!) it.  It is playable with 1-8 players, so grab some friends and check it out, proper Joypad support and bugs and maybe feature additions coming as an update, details below.  I have uploaded a post competition build of the game with lots of mini-fixes to the controls and difficulty and a whole new Audio score by Surasshu!  Enjoy!


Undercolor Agents is an arena shooter about an elite group of super secret Agents, dealing with a Hue invasion that is going to threaten their little desaturated world. They remove unauthorized colors with force, extreme force.


The game can be played up to 8 players, you each control a colored agent who is strong against enemies of his own color (agent red destroys red enemies easily for example) - you must cleanse the hue infection spreading across town and destroy the pylons that act as portals for the colored undesirables. Agents away!


When playing with 2 or more players and one gets hit by the enemies, you can "save" him by shooting the enemy off him, making multiplayer games a little easier, though I have included a hardcore difficulty mode if you manage to finish it easily.


Each characters controls can be customized on the main menu by clicking the text across his portrait, if a key is not being used it will have "unused" as the binding. The keys are as follows as they appear in game:

   UP - up movement
   DOWN - down movement
   LEFT - left movement
   RIGHT - right movement
   SHOOT - shoots current weapon
   WEAPON SWAP - cycles to next available weapon

   F2 will restart the game.

   ALT + ENTER will go fullscreen  


If you want to play the updated version in a few days upto a week or so, signup to the email subscription on the side, or follow me on twitter @farmergnome.  Depending on how much interest there is in Undercolor Agents will reflect how much after competition work I put into it, I may end up bundling it up with Fistful of Gun full release as a polished up mini game, we shall see...