Thursday, 10 January 2013

So how do I do pixel art?

Well, in short, I don't pixel the traditional method much anymore, since I have found a way that works quicker for me, so as a second tutorial series I thought I would cover the methods I use to make pixel art quickly, this time for Fistful of Gun, and I use the term "pixel art" loosely, most pixel purists should probably avoid this tutorial.  This builds on tutorial series one which covered concept art in Photoshop ( you can find it here ). The first part in the series I will be covering character portraits, video two will be game sprites and animating them, post below if you have anything you would like me to cover and I will include it in video three, I will post the videos here as they become available, enjoy.


  1. Looking forward to your next video. I really like your method of starting with a sketch and then refining it with traditional pixel methods.

  2. This is a great and useful tutorial.

    It would be awesome to see how you approached also the design of tile based levels such as those in Rambros: not many tutorials on the net focusing on that.

  3. Wanna see your tuts on sprite and tile if that's in your future plan. Like graphic of Rambros too.

  4. These tutorials are fantastic! It's so inspiring watching you work.

    -- Beth

    ps bought the game after hours of absorption in the under the ocean concept videos so stick to this as a marketing method - totally works :D

  5. can you do a tutorial/video on how you made the fist full of gun sprites?

  6. can you do a video/tutorial on how you made the ingame fist full of gun sprites? i like the style.


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