Tuesday, 27 August 2013

5 hostages, 10 seconds, one man. Steven Seagal is Hard to SWAT.

I made this in 48 hours for the LudumDare 27, hope you guys like it. The game is called "Steven Seagal : Hard to SWAT",  Here is a trailer.

You can check out the competition build  Here!  Or play the latest build below:

Monday, 6 May 2013


Some of the trash I have painted over the last year for various games I made can now be your desktop wallpaper, all are 1920x1080, click the link below to get the full size one, enjoy.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Undercolor Agents

Well, what a crazy 48 hours of makin games, so this is what I made on the weekend for the Ludum Dare 26 competition, it's called Undercolor Agents.  It is a arena based multiplayer shooter, enjoy and don't forget to vote if you liked (or disliked!) it.  It is playable with 1-8 players, so grab some friends and check it out, proper Joypad support and bugs and maybe feature additions coming as an update, details below.  I have uploaded a post competition build of the game with lots of mini-fixes to the controls and difficulty and a whole new Audio score by Surasshu!  Enjoy!


Undercolor Agents is an arena shooter about an elite group of super secret Agents, dealing with a Hue invasion that is going to threaten their little desaturated world. They remove unauthorized colors with force, extreme force.


The game can be played up to 8 players, you each control a colored agent who is strong against enemies of his own color (agent red destroys red enemies easily for example) - you must cleanse the hue infection spreading across town and destroy the pylons that act as portals for the colored undesirables. Agents away!


When playing with 2 or more players and one gets hit by the enemies, you can "save" him by shooting the enemy off him, making multiplayer games a little easier, though I have included a hardcore difficulty mode if you manage to finish it easily.


Each characters controls can be customized on the main menu by clicking the text across his portrait, if a key is not being used it will have "unused" as the binding. The keys are as follows as they appear in game:

   UP - up movement
   DOWN - down movement
   LEFT - left movement
   RIGHT - right movement
   SHOOT - shoots current weapon
   WEAPON SWAP - cycles to next available weapon

   F2 will restart the game.

   ALT + ENTER will go fullscreen  


If you want to play the updated version in a few days upto a week or so, signup to the email subscription on the side, or follow me on twitter @farmergnome.  Depending on how much interest there is in Undercolor Agents will reflect how much after competition work I put into it, I may end up bundling it up with Fistful of Gun full release as a polished up mini game, we shall see...

Friday, 25 January 2013

Under the Ocean is now on Steam!

This has been a long time in the works, but Under the Ocean is now steam approved, so if you are considering purchasing an alpha, you will be happy to know that a steam key is now included in the deal (or if you previously supported us, you should have a steam key email!).  This marks my first ever game on steam, so pretty awesome news all around.  As far as updates, we have spent the few weeks of the new year doing usability updates to fix up a few of the rough edges in the game currently, next step will be kickstarting multiplayer and some of the bigger features, the time I get away from that will be spent adding rafting into the game, which is slowly chugging along in the background.  As usual, play it here:

Thursday, 10 January 2013

So how do I do pixel art?

Well, in short, I don't pixel the traditional method much anymore, since I have found a way that works quicker for me, so as a second tutorial series I thought I would cover the methods I use to make pixel art quickly, this time for Fistful of Gun, and I use the term "pixel art" loosely, most pixel purists should probably avoid this tutorial.  This builds on tutorial series one which covered concept art in Photoshop ( you can find it here ). The first part in the series I will be covering character portraits, video two will be game sprites and animating them, post below if you have anything you would like me to cover and I will include it in video three, I will post the videos here as they become available, enjoy.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My first tutorial

So this week has been pretty crazy all round, Ludum Dare finished up and Happy Little Murder Friends scored 3rd overall, which is pretty good, and I have been hard at work at a improved version of Fistful of Gun and Rambros.... I also made a tutorial, this is one of the most common questions I have been getting lately is "how do I draw stuff in photoshop" - so here it is, we will be drawing a bit of Under the Ocean art below in a 5 part video tutorial, enjoy! (I am currently uploading the psd files, they might be some time at this rate.)