Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Little Murder Friends

This week I am tidying up my Ludum Dare 25 - 48 Hour entry "Happy Little Murder Friends" - the theme was "You are the Villain" ( Original Ludum Dare Thread ) If you are interested in checking out the builds as they progress, sign up to the right.

This will be my new way to distribute builds for smallish games I am working on, as hosting them on forums and such takes a lot of overhead, and now this system is setup it is really quite painless to share what I am working on with you guys.  Each game also has a auto update feature that will check if a new version is available, and a few other bells and whistles...  I will post the first build below to get your blood flowing - though the link will only be active a few days until the next version is up, so signup via email if you want more updates - happy shooting!

EDIT:  HLMF snagged 3rd overall, thanks everyone!

Ludum Dare Post Competition Entry "Happy Little Murder Friends"

Controls:  Left Mouse to shoot - Right Mouse to use fetish - WASD to move. 
Goal:  Kill your quota of targets on your hit list to progress to the next city.



  1. Possible to get an OSX build?

  2. How do i get version 17? (btw, thanks for updating)

  3. Finally got it running under Wine using WineBottler :)

  4. Suppported via

    Thank you!