Friday, 28 December 2012

a Fistful of Gun playable builds.

This is my little homage to shooters such as Gun.Smoke that I played as a kid.  Enjoy!

Download a Fistful of Gun 0.42 

To remap your controls, just edit config.ini in the root directory, use this table to find the ASCII codes.  If you would like a steam key for the future builds, hit me up at @farmergnome on twitter, I will do some giveaways shortly!

Edit:  Here is a Wallpaper I painted for the game, the link below is  to the 1920x1080 version.  I have been hard at work on a follow up version whenever I find the time, more details shortly!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Under the Ocean: random generation released!

This has been a bit over  a month in the making, but with random generation and a whole pile of new gameplay changes, visual and audio additions, it seems to have come together rather nicely, just check the devlog above for all the details about what is included in the patch.   As always, check it out at here!

Happy Little Murder Friends

This week I am tidying up my Ludum Dare 25 - 48 Hour entry "Happy Little Murder Friends" - the theme was "You are the Villain" ( Original Ludum Dare Thread ) If you are interested in checking out the builds as they progress, sign up to the right.

This will be my new way to distribute builds for smallish games I am working on, as hosting them on forums and such takes a lot of overhead, and now this system is setup it is really quite painless to share what I am working on with you guys.  Each game also has a auto update feature that will check if a new version is available, and a few other bells and whistles...  I will post the first build below to get your blood flowing - though the link will only be active a few days until the next version is up, so signup via email if you want more updates - happy shooting!

EDIT:  HLMF snagged 3rd overall, thanks everyone!

Ludum Dare Post Competition Entry "Happy Little Murder Friends"

Controls:  Left Mouse to shoot - Right Mouse to use fetish - WASD to move. 
Goal:  Kill your quota of targets on your hit list to progress to the next city.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Ludum Dare 25

Here is a new game I made in 48 hours, called "Happy Little Murder Friends", jump over to the Ludum Dare thread and have a play, drop a comment and vote!  Hope you guys like it.  Play it HERE!

If you would like to play post competition builds, sign up to the email updates on the top right of this page for a steady stream of updates to the game, not to mention other games I am currently working on but haven't released publicly.

Monday, 3 December 2012

a Fistful of Gun

Have a play of a new little game I am working called "a Fistful of Gun".  I am working on online multiplayer at the moment and a storymode, jump over  HERE to play the early builds (Though it is still very much work in progress)  Drop some comments on the forums if you have suggestions for features!

Follow me on twitter here  if you would like early access to the online multiplayer I am currently working on and some of the new other features going to be added, enjoy!