Friday, 9 March 2012

IndieGoGo Campaign

So I created an IndieGoGo fundraiser for RamBros today, if you want to help me out check out the link below, there's lots of cool reasons to help out and most importantly it will allow me to quit my day job and work on RamBros and Under the Ocean full time, which means it gets done faster, much faster.  Tell your friends if you think that this may be a game they would be into, I'm struggling to get the word out.  So enough on that, here's a new video...



  1. Cool !
    i'm following you since i saw your devlog about Under the Ocean on Tigsource.
    Hoping the best for your compaign, too bad you don't have a 50$ reward.

  2. Dray your awesome, thank you so much!

  3. this is beyond awesomeness :D

  4. Watch out Metal Slug,we got badass' over here.