Wednesday, 8 February 2012

That time again...

So its come along again, new year, new time to sell even more shit to fuel the indie dream, this time its im selling Black Betty, my old 1979 Kingswood Ute, sad times.  In lighter news, I released a pic of Under the Ocean and people don't totally hate the new look, so that's always promising.

Also Commando Bros [ Linky ] my little solo venture has a lovely new map system resembling Zelda 2, I will put a video up in a day or so as it has taken backseat due to Under the Ocean Todo's to get the code playing nice.


  1. Played the heck out of Zompocalypse today. How hard would it be to port the game to a mobile platform? Game is crazy addictive, I'd buy it for my tablet...

    1. Agreed, I loved Zompocalypse...

  2. BTW, I really played the heck out of your stuff today and yesterday (been sick, so no work).

    Is there any "ending" for Under The Stairs? I got the elk head, found some of the secret rooms hidden by the logs, and found two of the little white bouncing things.

    Didn't try getting to the top of the mountain, though.

  3. There is no real ending, just more a collect and survive type deal.