Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back from Middle Earth...

Five days down south island New Zealand, was a nice break for this year but im excited to get back into making games/game related stuffs.  I might upload some more photos later but for now I just picked some of my first glance favorites:

LOL sausage capital of NZ

Milford Sound Drive

End of the first day...

Some LOTR stuff...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Still Sidetracked...

The first (mini!) prototype of the cocktail cabinet, we are just trying a few things at this stage to see some alternatives to sticking a CRT in the box.  Might start on this when I get back from holiday, find some wood and get cracking on piecing it together, plan to order some button and stick components before I leave.  Commando Bros update tonight.

Epic Sidetrack

Synty and I smashed this together this arvo, a sort of mock up of a cabinet we are going to be building for a indie game, back to work on my game for now, that wasted a good few hours!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Intro Stuff...

This wasted most of my day, seriously this intro took way longer than expected, and Im still not happy with it, Im going to get back onto gameplay stuff today, fix this up another day...  Today its onto towns and making them like a shooting off duty enemy soldier type level.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Almost week 2!

More polish on the menus, a new opener which is temporary, and some dog-fighting minigame video, time to do some enemy plane sprites I think and a bit of general cleanup of the ingame sprites, I think the town scenes are kind of letting the game down at this point so they are on my cleanup list also.  Ill put up some sprites later today.

Coffee Break Time.


A little project I work on occasionally, one of my long term projects, a bit more serious than the stuff I normally do, it shares a lot of similarities to the Deus Ex series and Shadowrun...  I'll post some videos of this game once Commando Bros is out.  Coffee Break over.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dogfighting Minigame

We have sky pew-pew, the minigame for the map screen will be a dogfighting segment, heres a quick screenshot with some temporary enemy planes, they swoop and machine gun you, and attempt to bomb you at the moment, will put a video up once its closer to done...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pixel art/3d/2d/etc tutorials?

Ive been saying for awhile now that I will put some art tutorials up for people following the BigBlockGames livestreams, so if you have a good suggestion for the first tutorial post it here!  Otherwise, I will just do whatever.

Clean up Time

Ive been a bit messy for a few days now, I think today I will be cleaning up all the loose strings, sorting out the key input screen, and doing a bit of a overhaul on some of the sprites.  Also there is the mini-game challenge level from the map screen, where the players will be dog-fighting with incoming enemies, pew pew.   Check out latest progress...

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Sort of just playing catch up at this point, trying to find all my work around the place, here is another update on today's Commando Bros work, more to come soon...

Double postathon

Might as well throw up a trailer for a game I just finished called Black Market, chewed up a entire weekend of work pushing around polygons to finish it up.  Might throw up some of the source files later...

Commando Bros Progress

So my new little side project, Commando Bros is about a week into development, I will be posting regular updates here and over here also with any luck.  More to come...

The first one

So I'm just setting this blog up so I can keep all my indie games in one place, my web-hosting will run out soon on my old site so Ill be doing my best to rescue a lot of my old work and get it on a new server sometime shortly.  Hopefully also I will be able to keep up with posting frequent updates of new stuff I am working on.