Friday, 28 December 2012

a Fistful of Gun playable builds.

This is my little homage to shooters such as Gun.Smoke that I played as a kid.  Enjoy!

Download a Fistful of Gun 0.42 

To remap your controls, just edit config.ini in the root directory, use this table to find the ASCII codes.  If you would like a steam key for the future builds, hit me up at @farmergnome on twitter, I will do some giveaways shortly!

Edit:  Here is a Wallpaper I painted for the game, the link below is  to the 1920x1080 version.  I have been hard at work on a follow up version whenever I find the time, more details shortly!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Under the Ocean: random generation released!

This has been a bit over  a month in the making, but with random generation and a whole pile of new gameplay changes, visual and audio additions, it seems to have come together rather nicely, just check the devlog above for all the details about what is included in the patch.   As always, check it out at here!

Happy Little Murder Friends

This week I am tidying up my Ludum Dare 25 - 48 Hour entry "Happy Little Murder Friends" - the theme was "You are the Villain" ( Original Ludum Dare Thread ) If you are interested in checking out the builds as they progress, sign up to the right.

This will be my new way to distribute builds for smallish games I am working on, as hosting them on forums and such takes a lot of overhead, and now this system is setup it is really quite painless to share what I am working on with you guys.  Each game also has a auto update feature that will check if a new version is available, and a few other bells and whistles...  I will post the first build below to get your blood flowing - though the link will only be active a few days until the next version is up, so signup via email if you want more updates - happy shooting!

EDIT:  HLMF snagged 3rd overall, thanks everyone!

Ludum Dare Post Competition Entry "Happy Little Murder Friends"

Controls:  Left Mouse to shoot - Right Mouse to use fetish - WASD to move. 
Goal:  Kill your quota of targets on your hit list to progress to the next city.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Ludum Dare 25

Here is a new game I made in 48 hours, called "Happy Little Murder Friends", jump over to the Ludum Dare thread and have a play, drop a comment and vote!  Hope you guys like it.  Play it HERE!

If you would like to play post competition builds, sign up to the email updates on the top right of this page for a steady stream of updates to the game, not to mention other games I am currently working on but haven't released publicly.

Monday, 3 December 2012

a Fistful of Gun

Have a play of a new little game I am working called "a Fistful of Gun".  I am working on online multiplayer at the moment and a storymode, jump over  HERE to play the early builds (Though it is still very much work in progress)  Drop some comments on the forums if you have suggestions for features!

Follow me on twitter here  if you would like early access to the online multiplayer I am currently working on and some of the new other features going to be added, enjoy!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So I haven't updated much as usual, have been kind of busy with so many different projects on the go, as well as some family problems, so here is a pile of updates to catch up.  First up, Under the Ocean, not much to say that a video can't check it out, play it over HERE!

Also Soul Jar got 6th in the Ludum Dare 48 hour compo, which is good news, could have been better but I am really happy with how it turned out, thanks for everyone who voted on my entry!

Rambros is getting a bit of an overhaul in between doing Under the Ocean updates lately, more on that shortly.  In other news I will be releasing some of my unreleased mini-games (Already Dead is first up) to my twitter followers pretty shortly for testing, so follow me @farmergnome 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Ludum Dare 48 hour Compo

So I decided to enter the Ludum Dare 24, the theme was Evolution, I wanted to try something with AI so I knocked this out in 48 hours (I didn't sleep a whole lot...), this also marks my first attempt at doing sound and music, this game is called "Soul Jar".

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Epic Slackness

So I have been busy, real busy.  I haven't updated much lately but here is a double one for you all. 

Under the Ocean


Saturday, 28 April 2012

RamBros Updates

A quick update on RamBros, 2 new levels, Russia and China, with a pile of screenshots and a video of progress, enjoy!  Back the project Here!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Pirates are my best customers... actually.

I have never had commercial success.  Not once. Every game I've ever made has only been played by the smallest of audiences with notable exceptions due to the distribution platform (flash games). Even those exceptions have never made anything even close to a profit though. Do you want to know the most money I've made making games?  It was 4 days ago, when we sold 263 pre-orders of Under the Ocean on due to being on  the gaming front page for linking to the pirate bay with our now notorious "Annoying Cockroach Edition", linky.

This post was spawned after receiving a letter from a (claimed) developer this morning saying promoting piracy is ruining the industry, and calling me out for doing exactly that.  I say fuck you and fuck your shitty cash-in games.  I say this publicly because I am sure there are others - I'm not promoting piracy on your games, only mine, leave me alone.  I have had more success keeping it real with how the internet works and treating people like people, than wrapping my products in a assload of DRM and treating everyone like a borderline criminal, you should try it sometime.  So to those who emailed me asking if I was trolling or joking about the Cockroach Edition, my stance is still "If you can't afford my game, pirate the fuck out of it", because it's better to have someone play my game, than fall into a sea of obscurity.

Onto some lighter topics - Black Market got into the excellent bundle, which has a pile of other great (mostly RPG) games in there.  I offered to give away Rambros pre-order to anyone who got the bundle if we got over a certain amount as a sort of nice bonus, some of the other developers offered their next games up also!  But news also related to the above - thanks to the huge interest we got from Reddit, Mike and I have been able to move full time on Under the Ocean for around 2 months, so we will be livestreaming the development, 12 hours a day, every day, until the game is complete. Check the website for details and come say hello ( down near the link), heres a bit of a teaser trailer for the livestream!


Thanks guys, thanks to everyone who pre-ordered Under the Ocean or the few who helped with Rambros IndieGOGO....


Friday, 30 March 2012


So not to get lazy, but I am just going to post video updates today, RamBros updates are the first level (Hitlers Bunker), and Under the Ocean devlog 2 has all sorts of building and hunting magic.  Enjoy.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Under the Ocean Update

New devlog will be up in a few days for Under the Ocean, I have been spending most of the week doing items for the next video and polishing up the background art a little bit. Should be no more than a few days for the next video!

Friday, 9 March 2012

IndieGoGo Campaign

So I created an IndieGoGo fundraiser for RamBros today, if you want to help me out check out the link below, there's lots of cool reasons to help out and most importantly it will allow me to quit my day job and work on RamBros and Under the Ocean full time, which means it gets done faster, much faster.  Tell your friends if you think that this may be a game they would be into, I'm struggling to get the word out.  So enough on that, here's a new video...


Friday, 2 March 2012

So lots of people have been asking, and well, this will answer a lot of your Under the Ocean related questions, keep in mind this is very early development and a lot of stuff is still rough around the edges, so watch this.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Website Art

Just a quick one tonight, got a fair amount still to get done to get the website functional, here's a sneak peak of something that started as a bit of random painting, and ended up pretty cool... Atleast I think!

Gameplay video in a few days!  Site is up at

Just when you thought you had enough excitement, here comes some breaking news, that all American creation once known as Commando Bros will be known now as:

Thanks to RamSteelwood for the name suggestion!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Money Tree

So today brings about the 2 month left milestone before its real job time (I think packing shelves is on the cards) so its crazy crunch mode to get Under the Ocean into alpha, and hopefully find some way to crowd-source/fund/rob the rest of the way to the finish line.  Unfortunately due to our location I think Kickstarter is out of the question, might have to look into some alternates pretty soon.   Anyway here's some lighting time-lapse updates for those who care:

PirateKart Stuff & Other

So bit of a double update, due to the request on peoples eyesight, Commando Bros is no long SO seizure inducing as we see in the current video, I've spent a fair amount of time pulling a lot of the lighting back and smoke/gunshot particles back to a more managable level, believe it or not that chewed up a good few hours, the rest of the time was spent on Under the Ocean, fleshing out the logo and doing a pass on the lighting.

As far as the lighting, I think there is still some way to go to get it looking right, and not straying too far from the original look  of Under the Garden, expect more updates on this in the next few days.

In other news, I turded out this shitpile for the PirateKart, just chipping in and doing my thing so the world can have a few more games in this years Kart, pitty the game was a pile of ass.  Oh well, I really tried to stick to the 2 hour time limit but it kinda slipped an extra hour, might do another if time permits.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


This marks about the 25 percent mark for Commando Bros, so I thought id put some effort into tonight's update video and capture some of the shit that you can do in the game currently.  That being said there is still tons to complete, as of tomorrow I will be working on the dog-fighting stages in more detail, then moving on to implement the stealth levels and doing a bit of 2 player testing/controller support.  As for the weeks after, its going to be filled up with Under the Ocean work for the most part, so the Commando Bros progress may be a little slow over the next 2 weeks or so.  On that note, kind of old now but still...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

That time again...

So its come along again, new year, new time to sell even more shit to fuel the indie dream, this time its im selling Black Betty, my old 1979 Kingswood Ute, sad times.  In lighter news, I released a pic of Under the Ocean and people don't totally hate the new look, so that's always promising.

Also Commando Bros [ Linky ] my little solo venture has a lovely new map system resembling Zelda 2, I will put a video up in a day or so as it has taken backseat due to Under the Ocean Todo's to get the code playing nice.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Under the Garden sequel & Commando Bros Updates.

Ive been a little slack lately but Im catching up now, in the works are some new Commando Bros videos and more importantly, im starting work on the sequel to Under the Garden, more details to come shortly.  In the meantime here is some Commando Bros stuff to keep you guys going!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back from Middle Earth...

Five days down south island New Zealand, was a nice break for this year but im excited to get back into making games/game related stuffs.  I might upload some more photos later but for now I just picked some of my first glance favorites:

LOL sausage capital of NZ

Milford Sound Drive

End of the first day...

Some LOTR stuff...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Still Sidetracked...

The first (mini!) prototype of the cocktail cabinet, we are just trying a few things at this stage to see some alternatives to sticking a CRT in the box.  Might start on this when I get back from holiday, find some wood and get cracking on piecing it together, plan to order some button and stick components before I leave.  Commando Bros update tonight.

Epic Sidetrack

Synty and I smashed this together this arvo, a sort of mock up of a cabinet we are going to be building for a indie game, back to work on my game for now, that wasted a good few hours!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Intro Stuff...

This wasted most of my day, seriously this intro took way longer than expected, and Im still not happy with it, Im going to get back onto gameplay stuff today, fix this up another day...  Today its onto towns and making them like a shooting off duty enemy soldier type level.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Almost week 2!

More polish on the menus, a new opener which is temporary, and some dog-fighting minigame video, time to do some enemy plane sprites I think and a bit of general cleanup of the ingame sprites, I think the town scenes are kind of letting the game down at this point so they are on my cleanup list also.  Ill put up some sprites later today.

Coffee Break Time.


A little project I work on occasionally, one of my long term projects, a bit more serious than the stuff I normally do, it shares a lot of similarities to the Deus Ex series and Shadowrun...  I'll post some videos of this game once Commando Bros is out.  Coffee Break over.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Dogfighting Minigame

We have sky pew-pew, the minigame for the map screen will be a dogfighting segment, heres a quick screenshot with some temporary enemy planes, they swoop and machine gun you, and attempt to bomb you at the moment, will put a video up once its closer to done...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pixel art/3d/2d/etc tutorials?

Ive been saying for awhile now that I will put some art tutorials up for people following the BigBlockGames livestreams, so if you have a good suggestion for the first tutorial post it here!  Otherwise, I will just do whatever.

Clean up Time

Ive been a bit messy for a few days now, I think today I will be cleaning up all the loose strings, sorting out the key input screen, and doing a bit of a overhaul on some of the sprites.  Also there is the mini-game challenge level from the map screen, where the players will be dog-fighting with incoming enemies, pew pew.   Check out latest progress...

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Sort of just playing catch up at this point, trying to find all my work around the place, here is another update on today's Commando Bros work, more to come soon...

Double postathon

Might as well throw up a trailer for a game I just finished called Black Market, chewed up a entire weekend of work pushing around polygons to finish it up.  Might throw up some of the source files later...

Commando Bros Progress

So my new little side project, Commando Bros is about a week into development, I will be posting regular updates here and over here also with any luck.  More to come...

The first one

So I'm just setting this blog up so I can keep all my indie games in one place, my web-hosting will run out soon on my old site so Ill be doing my best to rescue a lot of my old work and get it on a new server sometime shortly.  Hopefully also I will be able to keep up with posting frequent updates of new stuff I am working on.